“Today was ruined.”

Wellll, turns out I had a two-hour rehearsal after like a week and a half off school cause of snow. But rehearsal was fun and hilarious. 

Since I had rehearsal I didn’t get to see my boyfriend. It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen him. I’m having major withdrawals. 😔 

Then someone started shit with me, and didn’t have any proof. 💯😒 Then called me names. No fucking right for that. 🙅 ( excuse my language ) 

But I hope y’all had a great day or better one than me atleast. 

You are my medicine. I found my cure, and the one. With you my sadness fades, and my pain is no more.  – Myself. (d.r.a)


January 25th, 2:31 AM.

“He has the most perfect shade of brown eyes I’ve ever seen. You can get lost in them in seconds if you stare into them long enough. His smile alone can make my days better. Just hearing him say the words ‘I love you’ give me so many butterflies. His hand fits perfectly into mine, like our lips do. He holds me just right, and always knows exactly what to say to make me feel better. He’s the best I have ever have and he’s the only one that has gave me this feeling and I’m so grateful to call him my boyfriend and my future. ” 

– Me, Destiny A. 

“Don’t chase him, he’ll come back on his own.”

Sooo, we broke up for 2 hours then got back together. I was really upset, I deleted a lot of stuff off of my social networks. I was a  wreck for those two complete hours. But, we made it up. Thank God. I couldn’t go through another bad break up.

But during that time that we were broken up I realized something. I cannot live without him. He’s my everything, and when he broke it off I realized I screwed up BIG time and I will try my best to not do it again. I cannot risk not having him in my life. I love him to death and I can’t imagine my life without him. I don’t even know how I get this far without him.

Thank you friends for being there for me when I needed you. I appreciate it.

Another Quote For Your Day:

"Why do I love you? I don't have an answer to 
that, but I guess it's just the vibes you give 
me, the smile you put on my face, the laughs 
I get from talking to you, and just the fact 
that you can make me think of you even if 
we're not talking at the moment. I honestly
cannot say that there's an answer for that, 
but I will say that you are the only reason 
I am happy each
and every day."

“Everyone’s gonna hurt you. You just gotta find the one worth suffering for.”

February 24th, 2015

In two more weeks it’ll be two months for me and my boyfriend. He makes me the happiest girl alive but then again he knows exactly what to do to tick me off. But no one makes me as happy as he does. I couldn’t live without him. I’d do anything and everything I have to, to stay with him and keep him mine.

School has been out for a week and a half now. I haven’t seen him since last Saturday because of all the snow we got here. I almost got to see him today if my mom hadn’t decided to say no last minute and had a tiring day at work. I just miss him so much, it’s driving me crazy.

Then he posts something on his Facebook about some 8 year friendship and it happens to be about his ex. Yay for me. Especially when we were just getting outta an argument then we go right back into one. I love him to death but his anger and jealousy gets in the way a lot.

No one is probably gonna read this. Oh well.

Quote Of The Day:

" I try to pretend that you 
haven't kissed other girls 
the way you kiss me and that 
you never said you loved them 
or called them beautiful or 
kissed them goodnight or wished
them sweet dreams. I'm so jealous
of those girls and sometimes 
I wonder if you're jealous of 
the boys
who've done those things for me."